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Working At Starbucks Essay -- Personal Narrative Job essays

I was making a grande vanilla bean frappiccino while different clients were holding up in line to have their request taken. Business was moderate that day, however hell, regularly at my particular employment was a moderate one. I would contemplate internally, Why the damnation am I despite everything working here? at the point when this spot gets no business by any means. Obviously, I work at Starbucks, not the ones that you see on the side of the lanes, however I worked at the one in Target. At my Starbucks, we would have one individual working each move. We had three movements for every day, the initial move, the noontime, and the end move. With all my karma I got to either open the store, or close the store. I truly didn’t like opening or shutting, yet I said to myself, cash is cash, and I can’t turn out badly with bringing in cash. Something else that pestered me about my activity was the cash. My beginning pay was just $6.50 every hour, while different Starbucks compensations began at $8.00 60 minutes. I didn’t apply anyplace else, so I surmise I was left with the activity I had for the time being. It was the principal Monday of the week, and I needed to open with my manager Tenesha. She was my manager at Starbucks, however had indistinguishable obligations from every other person that worked at Starbucks. On Mondays, we for the most part had a surge of clients, racing to get a blistering mug of espresso for the street to work, or simply morning mothers needing our new mix of espresso for the week. Be that as it may, Tenesha had stock that week, so I was stuck causing espresso the entire day to work Andrew, another worker came in around 1 p.m. It was around 10:00 a.m., ju...

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Management and Leadership Principles Peter F Drucker

The board and Leadership Principles Peter F Drucker Presentation about Peter F Drucker Dwindle F Drucker, the dad of present day the executives was a social reporter and transcendent business thinker. Conceived on November 19, 1909, this administration expert composed books and other academic articles, investigating the manners by which organizations; governments and the non-benefit segments of society get sorted out. His differentiation among the board and administration has been a well known theme for banter for quite a long while at this point. Administration doing the correct things Authority goes about as an instrument in choosing the best strategy to take-what are the things that ought to be done to arrive at our objectives? However, as indicated by Druckers reasoning, administration is solid and effective when the pioneer thoroughly considers addresses like Of those things that would have any kind of effect, which are directly for me? By doing the correct things, he implied that successful authority is thinking about the companys strategic, it and straightforwardly building up it. It is a pioneers occupation to set clear objectives for the organization and characterize the norms should have been kept up while accomplishing the objectives. Staying alert that he isn't in charge of the universe, he needs to make settles. This, in any case, he does once he has thought of the privilege and the alluring. Drucker characterizes authority as everyday, unromantic and exhausting. Its embodiment lies in execution. Powerful pioneers continue checking their exhibition against the accomplishment of their objectives. This training encourages them to examine their decisions and choose what is significant and needs quick consideration. It additionally helps them in distinguishing their qualities and perceiving their shortcomings. With respect to, Drucker says: I have seen a large number individuals who are exceedingly acceptable at execution, however exceedingly poor at picking the significant things. They are wonderful at completing the irrelevant things. They have a noteworthy record of accomplishment on minor issues. Setting the correct sort of objectives assumes a critical job in building up a fruitful pioneer. It is of outrageous significance to set reasonable feasible objectives which fit in with the general strategic, as a primary concern the outside limitations, for example, political, prudent, and money related and inner requirements, for example, the current assets accessible and the relational issues. As per this announcement of his, lies the part of obligation inside initiative. Rank and benefit isn't the center to initiative. It is, truth be told, the awareness of other's expectations that the pioneer feels and displays that speaks to solid and dependable authority. Subsequently, an effective pioneer is one who steps up and tackle an assignment and utilizations the given assets ideally to determine greatest advantage. Drucker claims Americas head of armed force staff in World War II, General George Marshall, turned into a gainful pioneer through obligation and steadiness. Such sorts of pioneers don't fear oneself decided subordinates. Rather, they empower their youngsters, helping them to arrive at their latent capacity and achieve all that they are able to do. Being driven for a pioneer is far littler a hazard than being fair. A successful pioneer is additionally mindful of the result that associations face if there should arise an occurrence of the pioneers reprimand. As to this, Drucker properly says: A successful pioneer realizes that a definitive assignment of authority is to make human energies and human vision Drucker at one point worries over the adequacy that each pioneer is required to have. Be it in an administration office, a medical clinic, a business, a trade guild, a college or armed force, a pioneer appears to tolerate high knowledge and creative mind just seconds it. However he does not have the fundamental connection between his adequacy and his insight, creative mind or information. In any case, numerous pioneers interact with the hazardous close to victories traps which as a rule spin around the mentality that one major push is all that is required at this point. At such a phase, a pioneer ought to basically ask himself: When would it be a good idea for me to quit emptying assets into things that have accomplished their motivation? This unmistakably shows a basic administration task is realizing when something has been utilized to its fullest, with greatest advantage determined. When this is found, a decent pioneer would realize that right now is an ideal opportunity to stop and proceed onward to more up to date things on the grounds that there are no more comes back to be delighted in. To this, Drucker cases to have prompted his companion Rick Wareen, in these words: Dont mention to me what youre doing, Rick. Mention to me what you quit doing. A fruitful pioneer additionally figures out how to acquire the most extreme trust of his adherents. This doesn't really imply that the adherents are required to like him and concur with him at each point. Rather, Drucker finds the impression of it in the term respectability adherents should realize that their pioneer implies what he says. He ought to take care of business of his words. Thus, authority calls for congruency in convictions, words and activities. What's more, it ought to be predictable as he says: Powerful administration and again this is old insight did not depend on being sharp; it depends essentially on being predictable. The executives doing the things right The board as an organization has risen quickly and has had an enormous effect up until now. It has changed the social and financial structure of the created nations. It has likewise affected nations which took part in these economies as equivalent. Barely any officials perceive the gigantic power that administration has. As per Drucker, the board follows authority. It includes doing what has been called attention to by the pioneer. It's anything but a sack of procedures and stunts. Nor is it a heap of expository instruments, for example, those educated in business colleges. The board, with its victories and issues, is fairly founded on a couple of fundamental standards: The executives is about people. It is a basic, deciding variable for association which instructs individuals to perform with participation, benefit from their qualities and overlook their shortcomings. The board is established in culture since it includes bringing individuals closer in a typical endeavor. Discovering portions of history, custom and culture which can be utilized as the administration components is the fundamental test looked by the directors in creating nations. Promise to shared objectives is fundamental for any undertaking to work effectively. Clear goals characterizing a typical vision is an essential to its prosperity. A supervisor is relied upon to think cautiously and afterward set targets, objectives and the qualities to be shown which he can later embody. When the chief has recognized a balanced statement of purpose and objectives and conveyed it successfully at each degree of the association, there is a decent possibility that the endeavor will succeed. This is on the grounds that all representatives will have an ability to read a compass which will make them focus on a typical target. Development and advancement of the endeavor and every one of its individuals additionally results from the executives. Preparing and improvement ought to be built up on all degrees of organization. Correspondence and individual duty are the premise whereupon any undertaking thrives. All the individuals working in it, from various foundations and having various abilities, ought to be moving in the direction of arriving at a typical point, helping out one another at the same time The amount of yield doesn't delineate the exhibition of the executives and neither that of big business. It is in actuality components like market standing, advancement, profitability, improvement of individuals, quality and budgetary position which give an away from of the exhibition and endurance of a venture. The endeavor is diverse as to its inner parts and exterior. The outcome just exists outwardly, which, for a business would be a fulfilled client. Lying on the inner parts of an endeavor are just its expenses. Chiefs who comprehend these standards and receive them in their strategy will form into accomplishing supervisors. In this manner by doing the correct things, Drucker implied that an ideal supervisor is one who completes things effectively. The executives has various measurements to it and one of these is overseeing individuals. Drucker at first accepted that there must be one all around characterized approach to oversee individuals. In any case, crafted by Abraham H. Maslow in his book Eupsychian Management profoundly impacted him and he turned into a prompt believer. Maslow had given huge proof about how various individuals ought to be overseen in various manners. Contention Comparison It has been a significant captivating discussion with regards to whether administration and the board can coincide. Other comparable inquiries in this setting are worried about which of the two is increasingly significant. Proof recommends that both are indispensable for any association. Furthermore, both can exist together. Actually, the connection among authority and the executives can be portrayed as being related. By grasping the contrast between the two and adhering to their center structure, a pioneer and a director together, can make the work environment substantially more profitable. Stephen Covey shows the contrast among administration and the executives by watching the example of working of a corporate pioneer. He invested the vast majority of his energy overseeing everyday activities. To guarantee greatest creation, he worked with his supervisors, drawing in with them. This was before finding out about authority. When he got illuminated with the entire thought behind authority, he quit dealing with the everyday activities. Rather, he investigated the patterns, analyzed information and started examining ways for his organization to stay serious. So as to accomplish this, he started setting key targets for development. Thus, corporate benefits rose past half inside a year, following quite a while of lazy pace at which the organization developed. This model noticeably shows how initiative reduced when the pioneer was attempting to fill a chiefs place as well. When he set up solid administration with center around the accomplishment of vital goals, his organization hide

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Module title Construction of race in polotics Essay

Module title Construction of race in polotics - Essay Example since all the huge inquiries had been settled.1 Fukuyama reasons this doesn't imply that the common pattern of birth, life, demise would end, that significant occasions would not occur anymore, but instead, that there would be no further advancement in the improvement of hidden standards and establishments, since all the huge inquiries had been settled.2 Samuel B Huntington reacted that the extremely greatest inquiry still couldn't seem to be discussed. â€Å"The Clash of Civilizations† is the issue that will be the central issue later on. Huntington states that,â€Å"the extraordinary. divisions among mankind and the commanding wellspring of contention will be cultural.† He recognizes that â€Å"nation states will remain the most remarkable entertainers in world affairs,† however in future their contentions will â€Å"occur among countries and gatherings of civilizations†. Following from these suspicions he infers that â€Å"the separation points between developments will be the fight lines of the future.†3 Fukuyama took the extremely restricted view that the finish of the battle between free enterprise/liberal-popular government and socialism/order economy was done with the disintegration of the Soviet Union and that that was the characterizing strife of the development of human culture. It is either a hyperbolic or a silly proposal. Huntington recommends that the epic battle of the twentieth century has suggest been uprooted by this centurys subject, the conflict and strife between rival societies. â€Å"A progress is a social substance, â€Å" Huntington writes.4 It is a meta-element, â€Å"the most noteworthy social gathering of individuals and the broadest degree of social character individuals have shy of that which recognizes people from other species.†5 The scientific classification of civic establishments thinks about history, language, culture, convention and, generally significant, religion. Huntington likewise calls attention to that there is a goal and an abstract angle to civic establishments. The target components of society are the five

The Fate Of King Oedipus Essay Research free essay sample

The Fate Of King Oedipus Essay, Research Paper Jeremy Todd English 122 4/5/97 The Fate of King Oedipus In # 8220 ; King Oedipus # 8221 ; there comes a point in the show where Oedipus picks up something that plays an of import work all through the show. He learns from a prophet that he will at long last murder his ain Father and sleep with his ain female parent. As one could think about this is a shock to Oedipus, and he does non accept the prophet. In any case, he can non order any of this from go oning on the grounds that it is his fate. He is a casualty of fortunes past his control. Oedipus has no control on the aftereffect of what occurs in his life since his life had just been arranged by the Grecian Gods. All through the entire dramatization there are makes reference to made to a large number of the old Greek Gods, for representation, Apollo, Zeus, Dionysis, and Artemis are talked about rather every now and again. In old Greece the individuals accepted that in the event that anything happened one of the God # 8217 ; s had a ground for it. Every God was identified with one explicit thing like Poseidon being the God of the ocean. They felt that if there was a tidal moving edge or a storm it was on the grounds that Poseidon resented them. This is the balance for my reason that Oedipus had no power over his predetermination. First of completely, when Oedipus is simply an angel his male parent, King Laius of Thebes, is told in a prophet that his ain kid will execute him. In this way, with the comprehension of his wedded lady, Jocasta, the darling # 8217 ; s pess are pinioned, and it # 8217 ; s given to a slave who should go forward it to expire on Mt. Cithaeron. Be that as it may, the slave feels frustrated about the darling, and offers it to an individual shepherd from Corinth. The shepherd from Corinth introduced the angel to the childless King of Corinth, who is Polybus, and he brings him up as his ain. He gives him the name Oedipus, which implies proud pes, in light of his distortion. This shows how the God # 8217 ; s had just proposed for his life to be. He had no way to order what his folks did to him after he was conceived. At that point, 18 mature ages thusly, he leaves Corinth for Delphi, to investigate on his parenthood at the prophet of Apollo. The prophet, however, gives him a horrendous expectation. Which is that he will execute his male parent and sleep with his female parent, which are the two most outlandish offense in a Grecian family unit. In the wake of hearing this he escapes Corinth and caputs toward Thebes accepting to of left his male parent behind in occurrence the prophet was correct. Be that as it may, the God Apollo has somewhat deceived him. Since he accepts that his existent male parent is Polybus, yet he does non yet realize that his male parent is the Lord of Thebes, which is the place he is voyaging. Along the way he meets an old grown-up male driving a wagon of slaves at a topographic point where three streets run into, and he so goes before to murder him. Mature ages go after this occurrence, during which cut he becomes King of Thebes, weds Jocasta ( his female parent ) , and male guardians four children by her. Gradually, Thebes becomes overwhelmed by a repulsive disease, which slaughters enliven creatures, children, and harvests. Oedipus, being the daring male ruler he is, vows to rescue his city. Since plagues are brought about by contamination, and the contamination is brought about by sins the Gods are the solitary one # 8217 ; s who can reveal it # 8217 ; s cause. Oedipus sends his brother by marriage, Creon, to see the prophet at Delphi again, and the God # 8217 ; s answer is that the plague was caused because of an unpunished vendor. That being the outlet of Laius. He so puts a terrible interjection on the vendor whomever it is, thus searches for help from Teiresias, the regarded prophesier. She tells him that he is the slayer, and she alludes to far and away more terrible offenses. Oedipus is incensed at what she lets him know, and feels that Teiresias and Creon have made this up to oust him. Teiresias withdraws with threats of her life while Creon entreat his guilelessness. Oedipus does non trust him, and would hold had him executed if non for Jocasta. Subsequent to hearing that the announcement was the outcome of what a prophet had revealed to them she consoles Oedipus by expressing that what the prophets state is bunk. She so tells a story of how her and Laius were told by one that their kid would execute his male parent. She so reveals to him how the male parent was slaughtered by looters at a topographic point where three streets meet. At that point Oedipus recollects that he executed a grown-up male at a topographic point this way and admirations on the off chance that it was Laius. He understands that this would do him the reviled outlet who is to blame for the epidemic of Thebes. Jocasta begs Oedipus that a witness said it was stealers, and that it could non hold been him. Oedipus needs this source to be found so that his dreads can be let go. During this clasp a dispatch shows up to state Oedipus that his male parent, the King of Corinth, has kicked the bucket and that he is presently the Ruler of Corinth each piece great. Oedipus is disheartened by this occasion, however tells the dispatch that he can non come back to Corinth while his female parent is as yet alive. At that point the messenger endeavors to help himself out by expressing Oedipus that she was non genuinely his female parent, nor was Polybus his male parent. He so discloses to them that Oedipus was given to him by a shepherd from Thebes. Jocasta so understands that Oedipus is truly her kid and surges off. In the interim Oedipus accepts that she is humiliated that her hubby may hold been an undesirable child, and potentially he was the kid of a slave. Finally the Theban shepherd shows up, and this is dry on the grounds that turned out to be the grown-up male who was the witness to the killing of Laius. The shepherd is disinclined to state Oedipus anything. Not until after a hazard of anguish does he state Oedipus that the angel was given to him by Jocasta to be murdered, and that he gave it to the Corinthian out of empathizing. Oedipus presently cognizing reality flurries to happen Jocasta, yet lamentably, it was to late. She had as of now hanged herself. Oedipus so takes the shoulder pins from her dress and gouges his eyes out with them blinding himself. From this misfortune Creon becomes Lord, and in the wake of leting Oedipus to state farewell to his young ladies, orders him into the house, to expect removal at the God # 8217 ; s pleasance. As Oedipus enter the house he is ceaselessly expressing that he ought to be left to perish on Mt. Cithaeron just as the Gods planned for him to. As should be obvious, the God # 8217 ; s played with the lives and feelings of all the characters in the dramatization. While making so Oedipus could in no way order his ain fate. The God # 8217 ; s misdirect him, and did non let him to keep up from his destiny. Oedipus was so a casualty. A survivor of fortunes past his control, and it simply goes to demo that it is incomprehensible for individual to escape their ain fate. 337

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Internet Culture Is a Good Thing for Pop Culture Research Paper

Web Culture Is a Good Thing for Pop Culture - Research Paper Example These interchanges are either formal, casual or for reasons for diversion. In spite of the fact that web use is yet to hit all nations on the planet, it registers noteworthy impact on numerous methods of way of life either legitimately or in a roundabout way. To be sure, web use has no age limitations, is to a great extent open, is legitimate, and comes at a sensible cost. Web culture radiates from the utilization ofâ computer systems for amusement and the investigation of different social marvels related with the web like internet games, web based life, and online networks (Hermeking Web). Mainstream society broadly known as mainstream society is the mix everything being equal, thoughts, and perspectives that go astray from the normal culture in the general public (Danesi 1-7). It agrees with the Western culture of the ahead of schedule to mid-twentieth century and that of the late twentieth and mid 21st century. It includes the parts of public activity that are increasingly prevai ling in the general population. It is for sure, characterized by social cooperations between individuals in their ordinary exercises in type of styles of dress, the utilization of slang, welcoming customs and the nourishments that individuals eat (Philosophy Now Web). It exhibits a great deal of impact from the media and as such by web culture. Previously, mainstream society spread through print, radio, motion pictures, or TV. Be that as it may, the effect of media like TV and radio is diminishing at huge rate following the development of the web culture, which is assuming control over the spread of mainstream society. Without a doubt, there is an immediate relationship between's web culture and mainstream society with mainstream society drawing numerous advantages from web culture. Web culture adds to changes in community commitment in the USA (University of California, Berkeley Web). It can similarly work as a space of new divisions of work between common society authoritative ent ertainers and lay activists. One of the most significant components of web that enormously bolsters mainstream society is the capacity to download records. Certainly, popular music, patterns, and social occasions can leak to an enormous pop populace through huge sharing of documents. For example, it is feasible for popular fans to download music recordings promptly their preferred craftsmen discharge them. Also, web makes it feasible for pop specialists to take an interest on mainstream society exercises without being genuinely present. For example, a large number of craftsmen can take an interest continuously when unique mainstream society occasions are held. In reality, the noteworthy increment in web infiltration and high speeds makes spilling conceivable and along these lines, ready to stream recordings as pop occasions occur. This has been an incredible lift to mainstream society, which has additionally recorded an exceptional move to web connection. One significant thing about web culture that makes it critical to mainstream society is its commitment the quick spread of pop way of life. Pop way of life, particularly inclines in dressing, can contact numerous individuals all the while and momentarily. In a perfect world, web has additionally been a stage in which, mainstream society has likewise had the option to scatter to various pieces of the world. This has been a lift to expanded reception of mainstream society to numerous individuals over the world. The utilization of the web have in a major manner prompted the spread of more data on mainstream society the greatest number of individuals would now be able to get to this data over the web easily and no limitations. In any case, mainstream society doesn't really rely upon

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How and Why You Should Maintain Friendships

How and Why You Should Maintain Friendships Stress Management Relationship Stress Print How and Why You Should Maintain Friendships By Elizabeth Scott, MS twitter Elizabeth Scott, MS, is a wellness coach specializing in stress management and quality of life, and the author of 8 Keys to Stress Management. Learn about our editorial policy Elizabeth Scott, MS Updated on May 21, 2019 Robert Daly/Getty Images More in Stress Management Relationship Stress Effects on Health Management Techniques Situational Stress Job Stress Household Stress Friends add a wonderful dimension to our lives: they help us celebrate the good times, and they help us make it through the tough times. Having a strong, supportive social network has been associated with lower levels of stress, increased longevity, and greater levels of happiness. Unfortunately, conflicted relationships can bring significant amounts of stress to our lives, and the stress can be ongoing.  Learning how to minimize that type of stress while maintaining as much closeness as possible can be difficult, but dealing with volatile relationships can be even more difficult.  Therefore, time spent focusing on how to maximize the positive aspects of your relationships and minimizing the toll of the conflict is time well spent. The following resources can help you to build stronger support systems among your friendship group and minimize the stress you experience from unnecessary drama.   How to Create Supportive Relationships All social support is not created equal. Here is what you need to know to create mutually supportive, enduring, truly healthy friendships that will bring you support, the opportunity for personal growth, and stress management benefits. Find out why its important to develop listening skills, your intuition, assertiveness, and other skills that can pay off with increased social support, healthy friendships, and a sense of belonging. How to Cultivate a Supportive Circle of Friends Numerous research studies have shown that supportive friendships can provide emotional help during stressful times and even improve our health and increase longevity. Learn the numerous stress management and health benefits a circle of friends provides, and discover how to begin expanding your number of supportive friendships. Assertive Communication Assertiveness is a skill that not only helps with marriage and interpersonal relationships but all of your relationships. It can reduce stress and help you attain more balance at home, at work, and in life. Assertiveness establishes healthy boundaries and reduces stress for everyone. Learn more about assertiveness, aggressiveness, and passivity, and see how assertiveness training can improve your life.   The key to assertiveness isnt to assert your rights more, but rather to assert your rights in a non-timid but non-aggressive way that shows respect for yourself as well as the other person. Letting Go of Relationships That Stress You Letting go of a relationship is never easy. We gain so much from friends and loved ones, that we often hold onto relationships that are no longer good for us out of habit or loyalty. Read why negative relationships can actually harm you, and find a step-by-step plan to help you decide where to draw the line in letting go of a relationship that is no longer good for you. How to Improve Your Relationships With Healthy Communication Social support is a great stress reliever, but relationships can also be a major source of stress. Conflict within a relationship can create emotional stress as well as new obstacles and challenges to deal with in your life if conflict within a relationship spreads to create conflict in several relationships or within a group. As conflict is virtually inevitable in any relationship, here are ten important tips on managing conflict in a respectful way that yields positive results, rather than damaging your connection and causing additional stress. The Ten Worst Ways to Handle Conflict Conventional wisdom (and research) says that good communication can improve relationships, increasing intimacy, trust, and support. The converse is also true: poor communication can weaken bonds, creating mistrust and even contempt! Here are some examples of negative and even destructive attitudes and communication patterns that can really mess up a relationship. How many of these sound like something you’d do?

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The Old Man And The Sea Book Review Assignment Paper - 550 Words

The Old Man And The Sea Book Review Assignment Paper (Book Review Sample) Content: Students NameProfessors NameDateThe Old Man and the Sea The Old Man and the SeaSummary The old man and the sea is a seemingly simple book featuring the life of a poor old experienced fisherman Santiago who for 84 days in a row had not had any catch. He however still went fishing everyday and ensured his fishing lines were in line. On the 85th day of his dry spree he heads further into the Gulf of Mexico where he never went before and here he hooks a giant marlin (Rama Rao, 56). Unable to pull the fish into his skiff he held on the onto line for three days suffering but enduring deep cuts on his back with the struggles of the fish to unhook itself. He however kills it with his harpoon after it gives up and lashes it into his boat and heads home with his hard-won trophy. Sharks however eat the marlin leaving only the skeleton which is the only thing he gets home with (Hemingway, 87).Conflict of the StoryThough simple, the old man and the sea this a life challenging book which redefines success and victory. Success is too often used to indicate the value of a person but how they achieve it is not considered. Whether or not they struggled and retained their dignity to achieve it or they did wrongs and used shortcuts to achieve it, it is still considered success. This book therefore has the idea of showing that proper success should be earned through honest means, determination and perseverance while taking no shortcuts or depending on mere luck.How the Book Relates to A Persons Everyday LifeThis book has multiple life lessons that one should and must learn from. First, is to not depend on luck. Santiago says that it is better to be lucky, but he would rather be exact, and then luck finds him. Depending on luck is not convenient as the luck might not always find you. One should work to achieve what they what so that with or without luck they achieve their goals.Secondly, a man should be determined and perseverant without complaint. Santiago went to t he sea every morning while shivering in the cold. He never complained but endured it all, determined and knowing one day he would make a fine catch. In life therefore one should endure the struggles and keep focused on what they want with the dream of achieving it.Thirdly, the book brings out that one should not boast. Santiago despite his experience in fishing does not boast about it to his young friend Manolin who insists of what a great fisherman he was. He remains humble admitting there are better fishermen than him (Hemingway, 67). One should therefore not boast in life but we should be humble in our success and determined through our struggles.It also relays the message that one should take inspiration from others. It is the great Joe DiMaggio that gives Santiago inspiration to keep going. People should therefore look for a role model or mentor in life so they have someone to look up to on order to keep them going.Finally and most importantly, the book sends the message that o ne s...