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Research Paper on Chocolate - 1721 Words

Ukotic 1 Veronica Ukotic Professor Kathleen Forhan US 315 Transitions 13 March 2013 Irresistible Chocolate with Beneï ¬ ts ! Smooth. Creamy. Simply heaven! These are the thoughts that ï ¬â€šood my mind when I think of this once forbidden treat known as chocolate. Holding a worldwide appeal, chocolate has been a temptation to many for years. So, knowing that something this desirable is beneï ¬ cial to one’s health would make a chocoholic’s day, right? Well, great news! There has been recent nutritional research studies that have proven chocolate to be beneï ¬ cial to one’s health and irresistible. ! The cacao bean was founded by an ancient tribe called the Olmecs between the time of 1200 to 300 B.C. They were a tribe that inhabited the tropical†¦show more content†¦! While chocolate gives a pick me up, it also provides a euphoric feeling long after consumed. Why is this? Well, chocolate contains a pleasure molecule known as anandamide. This molecule ï ¬ ts into the cannabinoid receptor site of the cells located in the central nervous system. Usually broken down quickly, anandamide that is eaten by the chocolate lover remains in the receptor cells for a longer period of time. This is due to the additional anandamide-like compounds that were found in chocolate. They block the natural enzyme that would normally metabolize anandamide faster. Released in small quantities and at a slower rate, the individual is then provided with a blissful feeling that a chocoholic has grown fond of (Wallenstein 83). ! Chocolate had been for years not only identiï ¬ ed as a pleasure food, but of having medicinal value. During the mid-seventeenth century, the Mayans’ wrote scientiï ¬ c Ukotic 4 dissertations, known as Badianus Codex. This ancient text would outline the medicinal beneï ¬ ts of chocolate. It would state how cacao would treat various illnesses such as constipation, angina, and fatigue. The Mayans’ would also write manuscripts named Ritual of the Bacabs. These documents would provide speciï ¬ c instruction on how to perform human rituals in conjunction withShow MoreRelatedChocolate Research Paper1921 Words   |  8 PagesWOMEN STUDIES ECO-FOOTPRINT PROJECT Topic – Cocoa Beans Production Process Chocolate is a key ingredient in many foods such as milk shakes, candy bars, cookies and cereals. It is ranked as one of the most favourite flavours in North America and Europe. Despite its popularity most people do not know the unique origin of this popular treat. Chocolate is a product that requires complex procedures to produce. The process involves harvesting cocoa, refining coca to cocoa beans, and shippingRead MoreLindt Chocolate Research Paper2227 Words   |  9 PagesDavid Sprungli and his son Rudolf Sprungli. Company was started as an artisanal sugar bakery amp; transformed itself into in innovative chocolate maker in 1892. In 1994 the structure was redesigned amp; a kilchberg based holding company was formed. Chocoladefabriken Lindt amp; Sprà ¼ngli AG is one of the world s leading manufacturers of premium chocolate and chocolate-related products in confectionary industry, selling in more than 80 countries, with almost $1 billion in worldwide sales. The predominantlyRead MoreAll You Want to Know about Chocoate Essay1537 Words   |  7 PagesAbout Chocolate Introduction The reason I decided to do my research paper on chocolate was so that I could learn more about this delicious treat. Chocolate is a combination of ground cocoa and sugar bits in a rich cocoa butter. This fatty delicious cocoa butter melts at exactly 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, which is exactly the same as our body temperature. That is the reason why when you bite into a solid piece of chocolate it melts in your mouth within a few seconds. But before chocolate doesRead MoreThe Chocolate Affair. By: Adam Duran. . Psy 325 Statistics922 Words   |  4 Pages The Chocolate Affair By: Adam Duran PSY 325 Statistics for the Behavioral Social Sciences Instructor: Jeral Kirwan Introduction The study of human memory stretches back at least 2,000 years to Aristotle’s early attempts to understand memory in his treatise â€Å"On the Soul†. (Masten, 2010) In this, he compared the human mind to a blank slate and theorized that all humans are born free of any knowledge and are merely the sum of their experiences. (Masten, 2010)Read MoreI Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss956 Words   |  4 Pagesanswer about the article: I fooled millions into thinking chocolate helps weight loss. Here s how. Have you ever read an article in a health magazine that claimed for example milk is good for you and another article that milk is bad for you? This dichotomy of conclusions made by researchers with little or no respect for the rules of scientific investigations propelled this article. The article â€Å"I fooled millions into thinking chocolate helps weight loss. Here s how. Written by Johannes BohannonRead MoreAnalyzing The Collecting Data From Market Research1533 Words   |  7 PagesA). Research Methodology Introduction and explanation of methodology we used in our project The collecting data from market research is one of the most effective ways a company can use to do business. Consumer behavior, current market trend awareness and the competitors will enable you to find a opportunity and run a business that fulfils the consumers desires and needs. Its also allows company to spot current trends in past scenario and what may will come in the future which will help a companyRead MoreDifferent Materials That Are Needed For Best Complete This Project And Have Accurate Results1027 Words   |  5 PagesSatinglo Ice White Thru Body Porcelain Mosaic Random Indoor/Outdoor Floor Tile   Tablespoon Tap water Lipton tea Root Beer Folgers coffee Great Value Lemonade 4 oz. containers Tweezers Hammer Paper towels Lined paper 12 oz. cup Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate stain scale This experiment was developed through research of multiple websites, that are trustworthy websites. These multiple websites had different ways of completing the question about drinks staining teeth. By finding these different websitesRead MoreStudy of Consumer Preference Towards Cadbury and Nestle Chocolates1657 Words   |  7 PagesA SYNOPSIS ON STUDY OF CONSUMER PREFERENCE TOWARDS CADBURY AND NESTLE CHOCOLATES INTRODUCTION In this research I have survey the product performance and buying behavior of two famous brands of chocolates – Nestle and Cadbury, which are consumed by people of all ages. During this research I have interacted with people of â€Å"Delhi/NCR†. After this research I came to know how people perceives these products on the variables like price, quality, advertisement, satisfaction, taste, packaging, brandRead MoreChocolate : What Makes Chocolate So Good?1204 Words   |  5 PagesAbout 60 billion pounds of chocolate are sold in the US alone, 58 billion pounds of chocolate are sold the week before Valentine s Day, and an average human consumes about 12 pounds of chocolate in a year. When taking all these numbers into consideration, you begin to wonder what makes chocolate so good? Does it have something to do with a certain desire that can be triggered through chocolate? Studies shows that chocolate has the ability to trigger the feeling of love or sexual desires. This go tRead Moremars chocolate supply chain process1046 Words   |  5 PagesMARS CHOCOLATE SUPPLY CHAIN PROCESS. Headquartered in Mount Olive, New Jersey, U.S., Mars Chocolate is one of the world’s leading chocolate manufacturers and employs more than 15,000 Associates across 19 countries. They have thirty-four brands in total, including five billion-dollar global brands - MM’S ®, SNICKERS ®, DOVE ®/GALAXY ®, MARS ®/MILKY WAY ® and TWIX ®. Other leading brands include: 3 MUSKETEERS ®, BALISTO ®, BOUNTY ®, MALTESERS ® and REVELS ® . All their suppliers range from small farming cooperatives

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The Classic And Contemporary Background / History Of...

History teaches us that motivation has been a key ingredient proven effective in the accomplishment of tasks, or used to get things done. This paper will discuss the classic and contemporary background/history of motivation. In addition, covered will be the theoretical background and theories, the implications motivation has for leaders, and the motivational tactics used in the working environment that stimulate results. What is motivation? One could say that it is the reason for doing something – to meet a need, desire, or goal. Some people are naturally motivated to achieve and excel. Others are only motivated to do the minimum to get by or survive. We can motivate each other. Likewise, we can be de-motivated when we perceive that†¦show more content†¦Confucius is still regarded as a great philosopher, and his views on moral motivations are still relevant today. Guillà ©n et al. (2012) build on the classical theories by Maslow, McClellan, Alderfer, and Herzberg, along with more recent motivational theories by Ryan and Deci and others, to explain that human motivations reach deeply inward and vastly outward. Once basic needs have been met, humans are motivated to achieve goals that are satisfying, not just necessary (Guillà ©n et al., 2012). Above that level, humans demonstrate motivations to achieve moral and spiritual good, which coincides with Confucius’ ideals. Maslow’s description of motivations range from meeting basic, lower-order needs such as those for safety and physiological needs through attainment of increasingly higher-order needs, such as self actualization and esteem. Maslow’s body of work in the 1940’s proposed that humans are only motivated to achieve the higher level needs after fulfillment of the basic needs and that there is a single path through these (Guillà ©n et al., 2012). McClellan proposed the theory that people are motivated to fulfill three types of needs: achievement, power, and affiliation (Guillà ©n et al., 2012). Aldefer also proposed three needs, but described them as existence, relatedness, and growth (Guillà ©n et al., 2012). Both of these theories emerged in the 1960’s and provided more flexibility in the

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Chinas Growing Economy Essay Example For Students

Chinas Growing Economy Essay After North America, Europe, and Japan, the area of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong is a fourth growth pole in the world economy (Jue 108) which in 1994 was expected to double in size by 2002. Today, the growth rate is still on track to fulfill that prediction. Recent Chinese economic policies have shot the country into the world economy at full speed. As testimony of this, Chinas gross domestic product has risen to seventh in the world, and its economy is growing at over nine percent per year (econ-gen 1). Starting in 1979, the Chinese have implemented numerous economic and political tactics to open the Chinese marketplace to the rest of the world. Chinese reform measures even anticipated the rush of foreign investment by opening newly expanded industries to out-of-country investors. As trade expands globally and countries within geographical proximity and of similar cultural descent and philosophies ally themselves in order to better compete on a world level, we are seeing the develop ment of increasing number of geographical trade alliances, whatever the underlying reasons behind each. The alliances that have been in place for a while are proving to be very successful in competing in the international markets, stimulating the economies of nearly all of their member states. Effects of this change in economic strategy by a world power can be felt by practically every nation of the globe involved in international trade. The change in the amount of imports and exports to and from China will increase the demand on countless markets. Also, with all the foreign investment China is receiving, the socialistic republic will only grow more and more interdependent upon the world economy. However, the impressive growth rate of Chinas economy is not without its shortcomings. Problems such as inflation and inefficient state-owned enterprises plague the rise of the Chinese economy. When China opened its economic borders 19 years ago, environmentalists spoke of the efficiency of their farming systems and how they used hardly any organic fuels in the production of food for their people relative to some of the other countries of the world-most notably the United States. What they neglected to mention, however, that one farmer at the end of one rake struggling to feed his family kept fuel consumption very low indeed. It was not, by any stretch, efficient. Matching conditions still exist today. Rumors of the wonderful prosperity of the south and eastern provinces have reached the more isolated-and less prosperous-interior provinces. Those current farmers who would travel in order to be more prosperous themselves are often stopped at the borders of industrial growth and made to turn back. Everyone in China seemingly wants a share, but the industrial provinces can physically support no more drain on their existing housing and infrastructures, and they are finding themselves unable to enhance their current positions despite their economic prosperity. When examining an issue, it is imperative to honestly look at all sides, and not all of Chinas sides are forthcoming. The country has indeed become more open toward foreign investment, and in fact openly courts it. China have been known to have placed several restrictions on the multinational companies that have opened operations within their borders, but they are generally not so restrictive as to be prohibitive. For example, after IBM accepted Chinas conditions regarding the true ownership of IBMs facilities and environmental rulings, it seemed that all of the rest of the world wanted to join in. Deng Xiaoping called Chinas entrance to and courting of the industrialized world crossing the river by feeling for the stones (The Economist 26). In feeling for the stones, Chinas already realized economic transformations have vastly improved the lives of hundreds of millions of people (The Economist 26)- Chinese people. Economic measures instituted by Deng Xiaoping have been grouped together, under the general term of gradualism, but many observers now say that in order for China to continue its double-sized growth over the long term and to rectify the problem of the state industries that are losing billions of dollars, economic shock therapy needs to be administered, and quickly. But the current plan of Chinas President Jiang Zemin and his advisors includes no such shock therapy. It does include, however, divesting the government of all but one thousand of the more than three hundred thousand state-owned businesses that have cost the Chinese government $85 billion in looses over th e past ten years. The following chart shows the distinctions of several of Chinas economic indicators, and their changes since 1987. Table 1. Selected Economic Indicators(Billions of dollars)Factor 1987 1997 Change Gross Domestic Product 300 610 610 Merchandise Exports 30 180 150Foreign Investment 2 48 46Hard Currency Reserves 25 128 103Losses of State-Owned Industries 3 88 85(Business Week, Sept. 1997)From the preceding chart, the growth in Chinas GDP over the past ten years in nearly indefinable. Other indicators are highly favorable, with the economys only apparent problem being that of the losses of the state-owned industries. The losses incurred over the past ten years could have served extremely well in furthering the quality of life of the Chinese people, rather than simply supporting the workers in those industries. Those workers represent no small percentage of the Chinese population- there are 100 million workers in those state supported industries that have lost so much money (Clifford et al.). Effect of Caffeine on Heart Rate in Daphnia EssayAlthough Chinese foreign policies is aimed at opening the nations economy to the world, it neglects the agricultural market almost entirely, with the exception of technical contracts. These contracts are designed to improve the transfer of technologies to improve crop yields. Technical Contracts are made between farmers and village economic cooperatives and a wide variety of offices and technical personnel from different administrative levels ( The funding for the technology used by the agricultural industry can be traced to extension stations of political parties, finance bureaus, or local insurance company. Since the groups funding technical contracts are nothing more than investors, a portion of the profits from increased production due to the technological advancements are returned to these groups. However, the technology providers also bear the risk of investors, if output and economic returns cant reach prescribed fi gures, the extension administrations have to make up the losses( Like all good things, Chinas formidable economic growth had its downsides. There are a few detriments like inflation, an under-aided agricultural market, government inefficiency, and geographically uneven development. High inflation, caused by a demand for more exchange medium on the Chinese market is causing Chinese currency to depreciate relative to other national currencies. Currency conversions and management remains a sticking point for many businesses wishing to invest in China. There has been some movement in Asia toward a more uniform level of currency exchange, but not so much that it has affected the difficulties in trading with China. And, a lack of emphasis on the agricultural market is causing that sector of the Chinese economy to fall behind, and soon the supply of agricultural products will fall below the demand for these goods, resulting in a shortage. Another problem is also the inefficiency of large, state-owned production facilities can be explained by excess burea ucratic red tape and corruption. Finally, there has been an uneven distribution of development between the land-licked, western section of China and the industrialized east-coast, consequently causing ineffective land use. A lot of Chinas economic problems seem to be internal, and connected with supporting the massive population while divesting the government of money-losing businesses. Indicative of the overall industrial health of China is the amount of tax the country collected through their industrial and commercial tax in August, 1997. The total collected was $6.5 billion-a 12.9 percent increase over the same period in 1996. Included in the overall tax is a business tax, which grew by 49.5 percent in August, 1997 alone. There are hundreds of American businesses wanting to take advantage of the growth of Chinas business sector. Several US- based, multinational companies already have entered the Chinese market, and now the smaller entrepreneurs would like to be included, too. One of the keys to this movement is that China now claims an emerging middle class, most of which wants American goods (Cross 25). US-China trade has increased by fully 90 percent since 1990, reaching $64 billion in 1996. Befor e Hong Kong reverted to Chinese ownership and rule, US businesses used Hong Kong agents to negotiate with the Chinese government. Now, however, Hong Kong is the international administrative arm of the Chinese government (Barnathan 30). Such negotiations are less certain and requires either the services of an international trade consultant, or at the very least, more than a passing glance at US government-generated tips on doing business in China (Cross 25). Jiang announced that the unorthodox brand of market-driven socialism that has propelled China this far needs a radical overhaul. In one of the most sweeping sets of policy changes since the late Deng Xiaoping unleashed the forces of modernization in 1978, Jiang announced that the state sector is in for a wrenching downsizing (Clifford et al.). Of course, his plan to restructure carries with it the risk of opposition among the workers, particularly those that will be left to fend for themselves. Historically, each governmental liberalization of the past has resulted in a wave of capitalistic activity. Market driven socialism and totally free markets are two very different entities, and the Chinese government is faced with decisions of how much control they will levy on a freer market system. Indeed, Jiangs plan is so sweeping that it could unleash perhaps the largest wave of corporate restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions the world has ever seen (Clifford et al.). Certainly, China is poised to become the worlds next economic super power. Their success in attaining that status will depend largely on how they collectively deal with their existing and future economic issues, however. China recognizes the necessity of radical changes in some of their current practices, most notably the ownership and operation of state enterprises.

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The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock Essay Thesis Example For Students

The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock Essay Thesis The Love Song of J. Alfred PrufrockWhen our lives begin, we are innocent and life is beautiful, but as we grow older and time slowly and quickly passes we discover that not everything about life is quite so pleasing. Along with the joys and happiness we experience there is also pain, sadness and loneliness. Hemingways A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, and Eliots The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock both tell us about older men who are experiencing these dreadful emotions. In Hemingways short story there are three characters, two waiters and their customer. Of these three, two are older men who are experiencing extreme loneliness. The customer sits alone drinking his glasses of brandy slowly, and very carefully, peacefully becoming drunk. While he is meticulously drinking his alcohol, the two waiters talk about him. They discuss his suicide attempt of the week past. The younger waiter doesnt seem to understand why a man with money would try to end his life. We will write a custom essay on The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock Thesis specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Although the older waiter seems to have an insight into the customers reason, he doesnt share this with the younger one. He seems to know why this deaf old man is so depressed, and sits there alone and silent. When the younger waiter rushes the customer, the older waiter objects. He knows what it is like to go home to emptiness at night, while the younger man goes home to his wife. The older waiter remarks on the differences between him and his younger companion when he says, I have never had confidence and I am not young. He tells the waiter and us that he prefers to stay in a well-lit place instead of going home to darkness and loneliness. When he does go home, he waits until daylight to sleep. The light seems to cure his inner darkness, his despair at being alone, and his despair at the nada-ness in his life but only temporarily. In T.S. Eliots poem J. Alfred Prufrock tells the reader of his fear of rejection. He is a lonely man and wants to ask someone to make his life a little less desolate. He doesnt know what to say or how to ask. We are at a party, a setting Prufrock seems to visit often. He tells us about himself, his bald spot, his skinny arms and legs. He knows that the people at the party will talk about those flaws in his appearance. Prufrock is so unsure of himself that while trying to find a way to ask his question, he loses the opportunity to ask it. He loses his chance at ending the nothingness that seems to fill his life as well. His uncertainty and his inferiority complex are touchingly revealed when he tells us, I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. // I do not think they will sing to me. It is this forlorn attitude that moves us. He is extremely lonely and yet, he cannot do anything about it. In both these works men talk of loneliness and sadness. They are all alone in a world filled with people. The misery they experience from this feeling of solitude moves the reader because we have all at one point or another felt likewise even if not to that intensity.

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Essay on Disney Scoping

Essay on Disney Scoping Essay on Disney Scoping Emina Hublic In order for the expansion of Disney to be successful, there are several workplace laws that must be fulfilled. The decisions within the Disney expansion and the actions within the legal system, contain evident consequences. For this reason, gaining an understanding of the rights and responsibilities, and of how the legal system functions, is the paramount of importance when it comes to making the right decisions when necessary. Occupational health and safety is said to be a disciplinary area that is a fundamental principle in which Disney must consider. This allows for the expansion of Disney to foster a safe and healthy working environment for the people. Upon expanding the company, there are responsibilities that they must ensure do not create health and safety problems for employers, employees and the general public. The Walt Disney company states 'The company aims to minimise risks and associated costs by providing professional technical services that foster the safest environment possible' (Safety and Security). The National Policy on Safety, Health and Environment at Work Place by the Government of India (International Labour Organization), is a law that is reviewed every five years. This law must be taken into consideration for the Goa expansion. By acknowledging and understanding the Workplace Health and safety laws, it will assist the company in avoiding further costs regarding damage, due to injur y and illness, thus allowing them to provide a strong foundation in order to achieve long-term success. If these laws are not followed, the indirect costs will intensify in damages, recruitment, as well as inefficiency. When expanding Disney, key elements can be practiced. For instance investigating and resolving complaints made by the public and employees, ensuring that suitable records are kept regarding health hazards and accidents, as well as promoting health and safety programs in order to gather information regarding existing potential hazards. Upon electing Goa as a desired destination, Government played a significant role in determining whether or not this destination was suitable. The trends within Goa have ruptured dramatically. The frequent changes within the Goan government has grown drastically (Rohit Joshi, 2014) resulting in political instability, thus causing legal issues. The result of these regular changes can cause great difficulty with the need of policies going through governmental process, meaning the government could be overall less effective in the assistance of a successful Disney. In order to expand, there is a primary focus placed upon infrastructure. This requires a sustained effort of the sort that can be best provided by a stable government. The inability to also provide a good climate for change causes several ramifications. Investing in Disney provides an immense amount of risks due to the possibility of failure, causing chaos as well as destroying potential investments. The law cannot be constantl y changing. This does not mean that the law should not change- it should change in accordance to the wants and needs of society (Ouliaris, J 2010) and must be sufficiently flexible for the expansion of Disney. Encouraging ethical behaviour is a major leading factor to the success of

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The Many French Expressions With Avoir (to Have)

The Many French Expressions With Avoir (to Have) The French verb avoir (to have) is one of the most useful, flexible, and basic verbs in the French language, which probably explains its propensity to pop up in a slew of idiomatic expressions. French idiomatic expressions using avoir take you on a tour of the human condition, from feeling blue to feeling great, having charm to having the giggles, being right to being wrong. Expressions That Use Avoir Here are a few of the many expressions that use avoir. avoir ___ ans  Ã‚  to be ___ years oldavoir    infinitive to have to do somethingavoir beau infinitive despite doing, however much (one) doesavoir besoin de   to needavoir chaud   to be hotavoir confiance en   to trustavoir de la chance   to be luckyavoir du charme   to have charmavoir du chien (informal) to be attractive, have a certain somethingavoir du pain sur la planche (informal) to have a lot to do, have a lot on ones plateavoir du pot (informal) to be luckyavoir envie de   to wantavoir faim   to be hungryavoir froid   to be coldavoir honte de   to be ashamed of/aboutavoir horreur de   to detest/loatheavoir lair (de)  Ã‚  to look (like)avoir la frite  Ã‚  to feel greatavoir la gueule de bois  Ã‚  to have a hangover, to be hungoveravoir la patate   to feel greatavoir le beurre et largent du beurre  Ã‚  to have ones cake and eat it tooavoir le cafard (informal) to feel low / blue / down in the dumpsavoir lesprit de lescalier  Ã‚  to be unable to think of witty comebacks in time avoir le fou rire   to have the gigglesavoir le mal de mer   to be seasickavoir les chevilles qui enflent (informal) to be full of oneselfavoir lhabitude de   to be used to, in the habit ofavoir lheure   to have (know) the timeavoir lieu   to take placeavoir lintention de   to intend / plan toavoir mal la tà ªte, aux yeux, lestomac   to have a headache, a stomachache, eye painavoir mal au cÅ“ur   to be sick to ones stomachavoir peur de   to be afraidavoir raison   to be rightavoir soif   to be thirstyavoir sommeil   to be sleepyavoir tort   to be wrongavoir un chat dans la gorge  Ã‚  to have a frog in ones throatavoir un cheveu (sur la langue) (informal) to lispavoir un petit creux (informal) to be a little hungry / peckishavoir un poil dans la main (informal) to be lazyavoir un trou (de mà ©moire)   to have a memory loss, to have ones mind go blankavoir une dent contre quelquun (informal) to hold a grudge against someoneavoir une faim de lou p (informal) to be ravenous, famished chacun a son goà »t  Ã‚  to each his ownen avoir (familiar) to have gutsen avoir ras le bol (informal)   to be fed upil y a   noun there is, there are ___il y a period of time ___ agonavoir qu infinitive to just / only have to do somethingQuand les poules auront des dents  !  Ã‚  When pigs fly!Un tiens vaut mieux que deux tu lauras.  Ã‚  A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.vendre la peau de lours (avant de lavoir tuà ©)  Ã‚  to count ones chickens (before theyre hatched)

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Company law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Company law - Essay Example In instances where calls are not met, the shares are forfeited. The main advantage of a no liability company is that the investor has a chance of pulling out if the company has no future. S 112(2) provides that a no liability company must be a mining company, which has a company constitution stating its objects in mining. The provision of section S 148(4) is that a no liability company must use â€Å"No liability† or â€Å"NL† at the end of the company's name. The no liability companies restricted to companies that have an object of mining only. The concept of no liability increases investment in the industry as it does not bind to its shareholders and they can withdraw from the company2. The difference between a no liability company and other companies is that a no liability company’s shareholders are not liable to pay calls on any unpaid shares. The conventional provision of companies is that the purchase of shares is a contract that is binding and shareholders bound to pay for the shares when there is a call. The position is that if the shareholder does not pay the share there is a forfeiture of the already paid up shares and the unpaid shares. The provision of a no liability company concerning the shares gives confidence investors in potentially uncertain mining undertaking. This is the reason because a shareholder who has unpaid shares can elect to pull out from the company without any legal penalties. In the case of Mac Stevenson, the best company would be a no liability company. The choice of a no liability company is because the mining ventures are uncertain and; therefore, investors are not willing to invest in such companies. The provisions of the no liability company tend to encourage investors into investing in mining companies. When there is uncertainty in the ventures of a company the investors would still be willing to buy the company shares. This is because they are not compelled to pay on making of calls to pay. The provisi ons of a no liability company fit this provision, as the shareholders who will purchase the share in the Mac Stevenson’s company will be more willing to invest in the venture. This is especially so since they are uncertain in the future of the company they will not be bound to pay the unpaid share if they will see no future for the company. The company will be a small company, according to 45A a company can be a large or a small company. Mac Stevenson’s company will fit into the small company. This is because it satisfies two of the criteria that are it should have gross operating revenue of less than $25m and its gross assets are less than $12.5m. Mac Stevenson’s company has operating revenue of less than $25m and its gross assets are not in excess of $12.5m, therefore, fits into the category of small business. On the other hand, Mac Stevenson can the can expand the business to install solar panels with the batteries3. However, the expansion cannot be done the any liability company as the provision of the no liability company restricts the operations of companies registered as no liability to only mining ventures and as such, they cannot operate other business dealings like installing solar panels4. The expansion realized when the company converts to a limited liability company. The general undertaking is that when a no liability mining company becomes

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An empirical analysis of islamic online banking in Malaysia(with Essay

An empirical analysis of islamic online banking in Malaysia(with empirical evidences) - Essay Example In addition, Malaysian Islamic banking assets are valued at U.S $ 65.5 billion and a growth rate of 18-20% per annum (Mckinsey, 2008). This suggests Malaysia has elaborate mechanisms that facilitate Muslim-specific financial needs. Consequently, as a result of its development, Islamic banking in Malaysia offers a myriad of sharia compliant online products to its customers. Islamic banking in Malaysia had its activities launched in 1983 after the establishment of the Bank Islam Malaysia Berhadad (BIMB) (Khir et al. 2008). Since its establishment, the banking system has developed to include a wide range of products, with Malaysian Islamic financial system considered as the most progressive system in offering different products in the Islamic economic world (Haron & Ahmed, 2011). Retail banking is one of the major products in Malaysian Islamic banking system. Retail banking targets a wide range of customer segment that include the awqaf employees, religious conservatives, miftis and any employee of the ministry of Muslim affairs (Garbois et al., 2012).Online products offered under this product include sms banking, credit card-i online application, all which account holders can operate online. Moreover, other services such as e-sadaqah, e-zakat. Payment of bills, reloading accounts, inter and intra bank transfers, which retail account holders can effect o nline through internet banking (Bank Islam Malaysia, 2009). Garbois et al. (2012) noted the Islamic banking sector in Malaysia has extended corporate banking products that target leading investors in the country. Through online banking services, corporate account holders in Malaysia may view the status of their accounts, loan balances, the status of any payments, view and download statements, effect intra and interbank transfers, pay bills, facilitate foreign funds transfers and make automatic payment to pay rolls through Autopay. Khir et al. (2008) further noted that a major product

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The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus Essay Example for Free

The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus Essay Christopher Marlowe, in his play The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, examines the renaissance spirit that aims for secular and materialistic knowledge, and explores its affinity with magic. In our modern era secular knowledge has lost all its associations with magic, and this makes it difficult for modern audiences to appreciate the concerns of Marlowe. Magic has been reduced to a quaint and harmless superstition for most, and therefore the heretic’s heroic pursuit of it, or the Church’s severe condemnation and suppression of it, either has ceased to make any sense. The Bible, indeed most religious scriptures, severely proscribes magic, and paints it as the most serious threat to civilization. This contrasts with the modern attitude in which magic is only meaningless chants and redundant amulets with no efficacy whatsoever. In the original context of the play magic was seen as an active scourge, and was believed to be a way to knowledge that shunned the path of God. The connection between magic and secular learning is revived throughout the play. On several occasions we find Faustus faulting his books for his downfall: â€Å"O, would I had never seen Wittenberg, / never read book! † In his last desperate attempt to gain redemption from the clutches of Lucifer he offers to burn his books. In recent times such knowledge is called materialistic, and at times condemned as such. However, rarely is such knowledge associated with black magic. In Marlowe’s time conceptions were radically different. Indeed all the great pioneers in the renaissance of learning knew the nature of the task they undertook. When Roger Bacon submitted to the Pope his elaborate blueprint aimed at a fundamental new direction in learning – the Opus Majus – he coined the term â€Å"white magic† for it. Christian doctrine taught that magic was a black art, because evil. Bacon explained to the pope that his new experimental way to learning, if properly guided by the authorities, such as the Vatican itself, would not harm, but instead improve society. Bacon stated intention was to â€Å"better demonstrate the inferiority and indignity of Magical power to that of Nature or Art†. Despite Bacon’s optimism, the suspicion that the rise of secular knowledge was releasing into Christian Europe the seven deadly sins was slow to fade. When Goethe retold the Faust story in the early nineteenth century he still held that the protagonist was making a pact with the devil, but added a crucial difference to the ending, where Faust is not subject to eternal damnation after all. In Marlowe’s time ungodly knowledge was manifestly a black art. Therefore Doctor Faustus, symbolizing the renaissance spirit, does not escape eternal damnation. The opening soliloquy of Faustus explains the rationale behind magic concisely and powerfully. A luminary of learning in Wittenberg, he is ruminating in his study over his multitudinous achievements, and yet finds dissatisfaction over and over again. He has mastered Aristotle’s logic, but is it only to win a metaphysical debate, he ponders. He has applied Galen’s medicine and saved Wittenberg from the ravages of the plague. But to what avail, he ponders, if man be mortal in the end. Justinians’s Institutes of law appears now to him a â€Å"mercenary drudge†. In the end divinity is judged to be above all secular arts. But then the biblical doctrine of original sin confronts Faustus squarely. If it is in the nature of man to sin, and by sinning he meets eternal death and damnation, then the doctrine of predestination is meaningless, he thinks: â€Å"What doctrine call you this, Che sera, sera, What will be, shall be? † By refuting religion in the end, Faustus is left at the doors of magic. It promises riches, power and dominion over world, and meets exactly the needs of a soaring ambition that is sated with mere learning for learning’s sake. A sound magician is a demigod,† he expresses. In this way Faustus has come to the logical conclusion of secular knowledge, the aim of which he professes at the beginning, to â€Å"level at the end of every art†. In the process has made clear the link between the spirit of the renaissance and magic. This is why the play is truly a tragedy, and not merely a morality play that teaches the wages of sin. After this soliloquy and Faustus has finally chosen the path of magic, the rest of the play is merely a drawn out dramatization of the inevitable fall. The only remaining tension is in the mind of the protagonist, as it vacillates between moving ahead into the kingdom of Lucifer, and turning back with repentance to God. In fact the latter is not an option at all, which Mephistopheles and Lucifer remind him times over, and he finds out on his own whenever to tries to repent: â€Å"My heart is hardend, I cannot repent; / Scarce can I name salvation, faith, or heaven. † He has sold his soul to the devil with a pact signed in blood, which signifies none other than that he has committed himself to the path of magic. He is damned and destined for an eternity in hell. The 24 years granted by Lucifer is his perdition. They are expended in exercise of meaningless powers over kings and emperors, and a tormenting vacillation between heaven and hell. The latter is in fact the only dynamic in the play after the pact signed in blood. It is the tension of what might have been and what is. The last glimmer of hope for Faustus is when his blood congeals before the pact is signed with it, signifying that the body is resisting that which the mind has already yielded to. But Mephistopheles brings in fire to keep the blood warm and running, and the final disaster is completed. A further dynamic in the play is the realization of the ultimate futility of magic. Faustus has been granted worldly power and glory, by which he impresses and wins favors of kings and princes. But they turn out to be meaningless to him in the end, just as meaningless as his prior accomplishments in the fields of metaphysics, medicine and law. He is quickly sated with his new found powers, and ends up just as dissatisfied as prior to selling his soul. He is tortured by pangs of remorse, and begins to think the glories of heaven far superior. By degrees Faustus is made to learn what hell really is. His first shock is to learn that hell is not really an old wives’ tale after all. In answer to Faustus’ suspicion Mephistopheles interjects, â€Å"But I am an instance to prove the contrary, / For I tell thee I am damnd and now in hell. † Faustus wants to learn more about hell. The first response he gets that it is under heaven. He urges for clarity and Mephistopheles responds: Within the bowels of these elements, Where we are torturd and remain for ever: Hell hath no limits, nor is circumscribd In one self-place; but where we are is hell, And where hell is, there must we ever be: And, to be short, when all the world dissolves, And every creature shall be purified, All places shall be hell that are not heaven. In this description hell is clearly identified with materialistic knowledge and pursuits. â€Å"Within the bowels of these elements† is exactly where materialistic knowledge is sought. The materialistic world order is indeed painted as permanent and indifferent. Against this Mephistopheles points out that the present order will be dissolved and all living souls purified. The materialists stubbornly resist any suggestion that there could be a transcendence beyond empirical world. But Mephistopheles confirms that there is an â€Å"Above†, and after the dissolution and the purification of souls, all places are hell, except for where the transcendental souls reside – i. e. in heaven. By clinging to the lowly elements, through the illusory promise of magic, Faustus has indeed chosen hell as his eternal abode. Doctor Faustus is thoroughly imbued with the spirit of the renaissance, and it is only his overarching enthusiasm for it that leads to his fall. This is why he is a truly tragic figure, and the contemporary audience of Marlowe’s time would certainly have appreciated this fact. Modern audiences will tend not to sympathize with the protagonist, but what is even more shocking is that a large part will be left indifferent. Those of a religious temperament will judge that anyone who consorts with the devil deserves eternal damnation, and will probably fail to appreciate that Faustus was moved by nothing other than a tremendous spirit of learning borne of the Renaissance. The larger part, on the other hand, does not believe in hell at all, and will merely express indignation that so much suffering be heaped on one who dabbles in a few charms, and did no one any harm. To appreciate the tragic element of the play one needs to understand the spirit of the renaissance, as well as have a clear conception of magic. Modern audiences are infused with the former, but have discredited the latter as mere superstition.

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Braveheart/ William Wallace :: essays research papers

B. William Wallace 1. What advice does his father give him?   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  When William is a young boy, his father dies. Shortly after that he has a dream that his father is lying beside him on a table. He dreams that his father whispers, â€Å"Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.† Keeping this in his mind, William sets out to live his life to the fullest in great memory of his father. 2. What methods does he use to really the Scots against England?   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Wallace uses his speaking skills to help persuade the Scots to rally for their freedom. He feels that you don’t really live your life to the fullest unless you have your freedom. The Scots have freedom to fight for, unlike the English who only fight for the land. 3. Despite the execution, how does Wallace win the war?   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Even though Wallace is killed in the end, he still won the battle that he was fighting. His battle was not only for the freedom of Scotland, but also is living his life to the fullest in his father’s honor. He dies a free man and with no doubts that what he had been fighting for was right. Because of this, he would never give the English the satisfaction of seeing him begging for mercy. Also his impact on Robert the Bruce was great and Robert later led the Scots to freedom. 4. Why do you think Wallace is considered Scotland’s greatest hero?   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Wallace is considered Scotland’s greatest hero for many reasons. The respect and dignity that he shows is very interesting. He has a great way of leading his people and showing them the way to fight for their freedom. As we found out, he stood strongly for what he believed in until the day that he died. He also never betrayed his countrymen. C. The Message 1. â€Å"Ay, fight and you may die, run and you’ll live. At least for a while. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days for this day to that for one chance...just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom.†   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  When Wallace says this, he is encouraging the Scots to fight for what is going to make their lives happy. He challenges them to take advantage of every opportunity that comes along.

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Entertainment as Politics Essay

As time goes by, many changes have been observable in the world. The various events that are happening show the development of different aspects in the society. One of the most observable modifications is the development of the perspective or frame of mind of people with regard to their opinion about the issues that affect them. Political concerns are still among the primary subject matter that people usually engaged themselves in. This interest is mostly evident in the older generation because the young members of the population tend to show little interest up to the point of apathy with regard to such matter. Most of the youth of today are more concerned with the latest video games, fashion style, and different trends rather than politics. However, the improvement in technology especially in the field of communication has made it possible to reach out to this younger generation in order to encourage them to actively participate in political matters that greatly affect their lives. However, the technological advances in communication are not the only factor that contributes to encouraging the young adults to engage themselves in political matters because creativity and innovativeness also play an important role. The different programs in television especially talk shows and comedy shows are the outcome of the utilization of communication technology and creativity as well as innovativeness. The people behind these programs are responsible for conceptualizing a medium that would attract the attention of the masses. They create programs that would aid their viewers to have fun and at the same time be enlightened about the current events that are taking place with their respective countries, especially in the field of politics. These commendable talents are supported by the power of modernity that enables them to broadcast this kind of programs and reach the TV sets in the living room of every household. The use of entertainment in relation to political engagement is considered as a non-traditional form of political communication with the people. The uniqueness of this kind of medium actually adds up to its appeal. Before, there is a distinction between news and entertainment. News programs are the ones which handle serious matters and reports the recent events in society. This kind of programs usually focuses on topics that concern the economy, status of the society, and the field of politics. On the other hand, entertainment usually involves programs that provide people a break from the hassles of everyday life. Entertainment programs are usually hosted by stand-up comediennes who tend to crack jokes or impersonate other personalities. There also entertainment programs that involve singing and dancing. Nevertheless, even the field of media is also evolving because the distinction between news and entertainment has already been transcended. At present, there are existing shows that provide entertainment by using political issues. There are programs that tackle political concerns by means of impersonating the officials in the government. In this kind of programs, the hosts of the show could make commentaries or criticisms towards politicians in a fun and light-hearted manner. This new type of entertainment program is greatly exemplified by Saturday Night Live. Saturday Night Live, or known simply as SNL, is a late-night comedy show. It is an American sketch comedy and variety show that runs for 90 minutes on a weekly basis. The program started on October 11, 1975 at New York City. There is a regular set of hosts who are usually the rising actors in the field of comedy. They are joined by a guest host as well as a featured musical act. The show is broadcasted live at the Studio 8H in the GE Building at New York’s Rockefeller Center (NBC Universal, n. d. ). Saturday Night Live made a huge impact in the last election in the United States. The program usually featured different politicians that were running for a position in office. These include presidential and vice presidential candidates such as Barack Obama and John McCain, among others. The impersonation of the hosts of the show with these various political figures not only provided entertainment to the general public but more importantly, it was able to enlighten the people about the personalities, platforms, and the respective stand of these candidates regarding numerous political issues. Creation of Politics Using Humor The Saturday Night Live comedy show was able to spoof numerous political candidates for the last election. However, the most noticeable and controversial among all of them was when they imitated the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. The program was able to apply the humorous nature of the show in order to focus on the political skills of Sarah Palin. In doing so, one of their hosts, Tina Fey, who has this unusual resemblance with Governor Palin, imitated her every move from the way she dresses, her manner of speaking, and mannerisms. Aside from the physical features, Tina Fey also used the famous quotes that Palin made in her interviews as well as the debate that she participated in. Being the comedian that she is, Tina Fey was able to make her imitation of Palin very hilarious. In this situation, Saturday Night Live was able to exemplify how the show could actually mix entertainment with politics. Gender, Power, Class In relation to this, the skit about Sarah Palin also focused on other important issues like gender, power, and class. This is most observable in the episode wherein Tina Fey acted as Sarah Palin together with another one of her co-hosts that imitated Hillary Clinton. In this scene, even though they were making funny remarks, the commentaries that they give actually pertain to the real issues that are taking place in the country. Both the actresses were able to point out the topic of gender wherein they said that it was time that women take key roles in the White House. They also stated that politicians should not be discriminated based upon gender, and that sexist remarks should be prevented. In terms of the idea of power, the two actresses stated that it was timely that women should actively participate in shaping the future of the United States by giving them the opportunity to be elected. The concept of intellectual class difference was also explored when they made it very obvious that Hillary Clinton knows more about politics than Sarah Palin. This is proven when the one who was imitating Clinton commented that â€Å"I do not agree with the Bush Doctrine† and Tina Fey replied in a very Palin kind of fashion that â€Å"I do not know anything about it. † Thus, through this comedy act, it is very evident that there is an intellectual disparity between these two individuals. Comedy as a Space for Critical Engagement Saturday Night Live was able to use comedy in order to criticize the weaknesses of Sarah Palin as a candidate for the vice-presidency. Pointing out the flaws of an individual is not an easy thing to do especially if it is done under the watchful eye of numerous people. Certain factors have to be taken into consideration especially the sensitivity of the person that is being scrutinized. However, by means of humor, one can easily make commentaries that would not be seen in a bad light if it is done seriously. Humorous comments allow other people to notice the criticisms made in a good natured manner. Laughter has its way of making people take things lightly regardless of whether the remark is positive or negative. This is proven in the skit involving the imitation of Palin and Clinton. The impersonator of Hillary Clinton stated that she believe that diplomacy should play an important role in U. S. policy. On the other hand, Tina Fey who portrayed the role of Sarah Palin said, â€Å"I can see Russia in my front porch. † This only shows the criticisms that people have with Palin’s lack of knowledge with foreign policy and diplomatic affairs. Saturday Night Live has the capability to attack sensitive issues and scrutinize famous and powerful individuals unlike ordinary news programs. Humor plays an important part in the ability of shows like Saturday Night Live to tackle important subject matters like the lack of capability and competency of a particular candidate to hold a seat in the White House. They could explicitly show that Sarah Palin proved that this notion is true when she participated in the Saturday Night Live. She even joined in the hilarious jokes and some of the skits, even if it involves the mockery of her own personality and capacity. The program successful achieved the objective of making its viewers take notice of the weaknesses of Sarah Palin as vice-presidential candidate by playing with her personality. The skits, jokes, and impersonation of her were essential in order for the hosts to make the public aware of the flaws of this particular candidate. Using humor was very effective in capturing the attention of the audience and making them aware of sensitive issues that cannot be easily discussed in a regular program. The people behind this entertainment show were able to incorporate the idea of having fun together with political criticisms. The efficiency of Saturday Night Live and other similar programs, as compared to the usual traditional program, is its employment of humor in their commentaries and criticisms. In relation to this, the important technique that was used by the program is the employment of satire, a literary tone that is implemented in order to make fun or ridicule a person with the intention of correcting him or her (Mali, n. d. ). As such, it could tackle important and sensitive issues especially in the political realm without being too serious about it. This genre of entertainment is an effective setting for critical engagement because it allows people to openly express how they think and feel with regard to a particular person or concern. They do not have to be too formal or to lay things nicely as they can easily say what is on their minds. Moreover, a study conducted by Nojin Kwak (2004), an assistant professor from the Department of Communication Studies in the University of Michigan, and his associates shows that entertainment programs greatly influence the political engagement of young adults. The â€Å"use of television entertainment shows, particularly late-night talk show programs,† was found to reinforce political efficacy, political trust, and political understanding among the public especially among young adults (Kwak, Wang, & Guggenheirn, 2004, p. ii). This only proves that entertainment talk shows with the same format as Saturday Night Live are an effective avenue for political engagement. Political Economic Structure of Saturday Night Live The nature of the program of Saturday Night Live that uses satire in relation to important social concerns enables it to acquire numerous viewers for the show. Television companies, like any other business organization, is also after the accumulation of profit. NBC is the television network that handles Saturday Night Live. This network aims to increase the profit of its company through the programs that they have. Television shows normally gain profit through the various commercials and advertisements of different companies that avail of the network services. These services get even more expensive when the company wants to show their ads during the primetime shows especially the high-rating ones. In this process, televisions companies gain profit from these television shows. Nevertheless, like in any other industry, NBC also has its competitors. There are quite a number of other television companies that also air similar programs like those that NBC has, but Saturday Night Live has a different approach in comedy that makes it one of the most high-rating shows in America. Entertainment Programs as a Space for Social Change Primetime programs also have a strategic advantage as compared to other shows that are aired at a different time. This is due to the fact that most people, especially the American public, are already at home during that time. After a busy day at work or in school, this is the specific part of their day wherein they could relax and do whatever they want, and this usually includes watching television. Being the case, this is the most appropriate time for them to take notice of other things aside from their everyday responsibilities. Saturday Night Live is taking advantage of the free time of these people in order to entertain them and at the same time inform them of the present situation of the country and the people that are directly involved in it. They give their viewers relaxation through laughing and making fun of other people in a good-natured manner. At the same time, they do not simply make satire comments about anything under the sun; rather, they focus on important ones that actually affect the lives of the viewers who patronize their programs. This late-night comedy show enlightens the people with regard to different issues like political matters, whether they are consciously or unconsciously aware of it. It epitomizes the very idea of learning while having fun. The new genre of entertainment programs such as Saturday Night Live is responsible for creating an innovative space for social change. This kind of shows gives one of the most important factors in social engagement, and that is the concept of awareness. It informs the general public of the pressing issues that will eventually affect their way of life. Saturday Night Live’s imitation of Governor Sarah Palin clearly proves how this program can discuss political concerns as well as the flaws of influential personalities. Thus, having this necessary knowledge can eventually aid the citizens of the country to take action. It is observable that the people indeed seriously consider the lack of political capacity that Sarah Palin has, which the show highlighted because she did not win in the election. The popularity of the Saturday Night Live increased due to the recent campaign period and election that took place. The show was able to focus on the current situation of America. Due to this, the interest of the people to get involved in political issues and participate in the exchange of thoughts as well as debates regarding this issue was heightened. Entertainment programs are a good avenue for social change because people could easily express their opinions, thoughts, feelings, and even their sentiments in this kind of setting without being afraid that they might offend other people. The freedom that they have in this kind of medium entails greater participation from the people especially for young adults, particularly during this time when communication technology is very influential. The discussions above clearly prove that entertainment is indeed an effective avenue for critical thinking, empowerment, and social change. Entertainment talk shows and comedy programs like Saturday Night Live is capable of enhancing the critical thinking of the public through the skits, jokes, and hilarious commentaries that they make. Whenever an individual watches the show, he or she becomes aware of a particular flaw of a personality, including political figures like Governor Sarah Palin. Hence, through such programs, the public is encouraged to analyze rationally why such criticism and mockery are taking place. This allows them to think beyond what these personalities are projecting and carefully study what their real intentions are, as well as their capacity in the position that they are running for. In this manner, critical engagement is already taking place because the people are exerting the effort to give attention to the particular concern the show is featuring. People are also empowered by entertainment shows because this gives them the freedom to express what they want. The hosts of the program represent the common people and their opinions and stand regarding a certain issue or a particular personality. They stand as the voice of the masses because they can explicitly express the public’s perspective on various matters. Moreover, people can always send an e-mail to these television networks in order to give their opinion and suggestions about their shows. In doing so, they are already taking part in the whole process of media awareness. Lastly, this genre of entertainment program is an effective avenue for social change. It influences people, especially young adult, to get involved with important issues like political concerns. This is due to the fact that entertainment programs enable political understanding, political efficacy, and political trust among those people who watch them. Moreover, programs under this genre provide a setting conducive for social modifications because they use the value of humor and laughing about problems that would normally drag people down. Thus, their new approach in dealing with issues makes entertainment programs an effective way to effect changes in the society. References Kwak, N. , Wang, X. , & Guggenheirn, L. (n. d. ). Laughing All The Way: The Relationship Between Television Entertainment Talk Show Viewing and Political Engagement among Young Adults. Retrieved November 25, 2008, from http://www. umich. edu/news/Releases/2004/Aug04/Kwak. pdf. Mali, T. (n. d. ). Satire. Retrieved November 25, 2008, from http://www. tnellen. com/cybereng/lit_terms/satire. html. NBC Universal. (n. d. ). Saturday Night Live. Retrieved November 25, 2008, from http://www. nbc. com/Saturday_Night_Live/about/.

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Sexual Harassment in the Military

1. The topic I would like to focus on is woman in the armed forces, and the issue of sexual harassment in the military. 2. The specific issue I would like to focus on is how a great number of women are sexually assaulted and raped, and there is not much they can do for justice within the majorly masculine realm of the military. I believe this is an appropriate research problem because I am being specific to women in the armed forces and even more specific on the experiences of sexual harassment nearly every woman receives in the military. I would like to expose the issues of vulnerability of women in the military. The steps I have taken was that first I had decided my topic was going to be about women in the military, then the specific issue is sexual harassment in the military and how it affect them 3. The only pitfall I can think of currently is that it may be too specific, although there are many examples and issues of this throughout the years. Otherwise I do think it will be a great topic to use for the HA and advocacy essays. 4. I intend to use multiple online databases researching for journal entries or feministic-militarism centered articles. 5. Lorraine Dowler: The Hidden War: The ‘Risk’ to Female Soldiers in the US Military Dowler, Lorraine. The Hidden War: The â€Å"Risk† to Female Soldiers in the US Military. â€Å"Reconstructing Conflict: Integrating War and Post-war Geographies. By Scott Kirsch and Colin Flint. Aldershot: Ashgate Pub. , 2011. 295-314. Print. Dowler, a professor of Women Studies, Gender, and militarization at the Pennsylvania State University, writes that, woman that are in the U. S. armed forces are immersed in an overwhelmingly masculine environment, and the woman is seen as a foreign body to most men, and are thus subject to harassment. This is important to my research because this chapter outlines the vulnerability of women in the armed forces and the easons of that vulnerability and how it affects the woman of the military. Sandra Via: Gender, War, and Militarism: Feminist Perspectives Sandra Via, has a doctorate in political science and teaches at ferrum college. Her chapter in the book is credible since the sources she had used for her chapter were from scholarly journals and articles and other people with high credentials. She talks about mainly militarization a nd globalization and the role of the woman in arms. T. S. Nelson: For Love of Country: Confronting Rape and Sexual Harassment in the U. S. Military

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No Escape essays

No Escape essays No Escape Don't leave the hashish lying around. That's the mistake three American buddies make in Malaysia, on the very day that two of them, Sheriff (Vince Vaughn) and Tony (David Conrad) head back to the States. It started out as a vacation to paradise, Malaysia. Three buddies thought this to be the trip of a lifetime, great women and great marijuana they would always say. However the small mistake they make winds up costing one friend his life. Sheriff, Tony, and Lewis rented a bike from a local merchant one morning. Cruising down a dirt path they almost collide with an incoming truck and the three of them wind up falling off the bike, crippling it in the act. Lewis knows that they must bring back the bike to the merchant, but Sheriff takes it upon himself to throw the bike into the woods since it is broken anyway. This scene is the beginning of their downfall. It doesnt seem like a big deal at all, no one will find out; Sheriff and head back to the states, and Lewis is staying to rescue orangutans from captivity. The movie then jumps to a scene in New York City two years later, where Sheriff is now a limousine driver. The guy Lewis (Joaquin Phoenix) who is left behind gets busted for drug trafficking since the Malaysian police find more than 1.3 grams of marijuana in his possession. This all happened because the merchant reported his bike stolen which was traced back to Lewis who was the only one of the three left on the island. The police searched his cabana looking for the missing bike but located a stash of hashish instead. Lewis was the only one who could be charged since Tony and Sheriff had returned to the states and he was put in a third world hellhole where he had been rotting away for two years. After two years Lewis state of sanity and physical condition has severely deteriorated. He is going to be executed unless the two other men return to Malaysia and do ...

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Quotes From the Movie Borat

Quotes From the Movie Borat The 2006 film Borat, starring Sasha Baron Cohen, is a comedy about a fictional man from Kazakhstan who comes to America and finds it very different than he expected. Its full title is Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.   The Backstory of Borat: Controversy and Criticism The film is a style known as mockumentary (think Spinal Tap), and many of the Americans who Borat interviewed were supposedly unaware he was an actor and not a real Kazakh journalist. (A few were none too pleased with how they were portrayed in the film, and claimed that they were duped into participating.) The film and its highly crude humor made it extremely controversial even before it was released in theaters, and Borat was banned in many Arab countries. Nonetheless, Cohen won a Golden Globe for his performance, and the movie was a critical and box office success. Here are some weird and wild quotes from this unusual movie. Be warned that theyre definitely not for a family audience and may be offensive to some readers. Borats Conversations With Others Mike Jared: Im, er... recently retired...Borat: You are a retard? Azamat: [arguing with Borat] Whats in California?Borat: [making it up] Pearl Harbor is there. So is Texas. Borat: Your dog is a loser... you are upset?Dog Show Contestant: No, no. I dont get upset. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.Borat: You will put him in a sack in the river? Borat  [To Veteran Feminists of America, on being questioned whether women should be educated] Is it not a problem that the woman have a smaller brain than a man? The government scientist Dr. Yamuka has proved it is  size  of  squirrel. More From the Mouth of Borat You let  women in cinemas here? In my  country, we have a pen outside for the animals and  womens.I bring iPod back from America and I get my  neighbor  iPod mini... because it is for girls!I can hit a gypsy with a rock from 15 meters away if chained... ten if not.I say this because  I had a very bad gypsy attack... they stole my wife, plow... and they touch my horse in a very bad way... he got very depressed.In my country, we say to let a woman drive a car is like to let a monkey fly a plane, very dangerous yes.Kazakhstan is the greatest country in the world; all other countries are run by little girls.Kazakhstan is number one exporter of potassium; other Central Asian countries have inferior potassium.I arrived in Americas airport with  clothings, US dollars, and a jar of gypsy tears to protect me from AIDS.Democracy is different in America. For  example,  women can vote but  horse  can not!Please, you come see my film. If it not  success, I will  be execu te.

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Personal Experience Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Experience - Personal Statement Example As our society becomes more industrialized, children become the center of attention less and less. Children are thrown into daycares and other institutions while parents work long hours, and when these children express a need, they are either put off until later: or, their needs are blatantly ignored because they are not deemed to be valid or important enough to deserve attention. Concerning the injustices that are done to children, Laurie A. Couture, a renowned children's advocate, makes the statement that "Our culture has moved far away from nature's intended way for us to parent and care for our children. Unfortunately, over many centuries, as the world has become increasingly more industrialized, people have lost touch with their natural parenting instincts. Each generation is parented in a way that causes distress, pain, depression and anger. This in turn causes each new generation to pass down harmful ways of parenting that reflect their hurt, distress and resentment" (Couture) . Children are treated like property that can be managed and thrown around and are thought to be less human than adults. Regarding the injustices of children and adults mistreating them and not taking them seriously, I experienced injustice in the sixth grade at the hands of a teacher that did not have to happen, and if only the teachers were to hear me out and treat me less like property and more like a human being, then the experience would have turned out differently. One day, we were sitting in class. The teacher had been lecturing for hours, and I was getting quite bored. I began to drift off into my own world and daydream. I thought about more interesting things, such as what I was going to do after school with my friends and the awesome parties that were coming up. I daydreamed of myself accomplishing great feats and being famous all over the world. I even daydreamed of myself being off in fun places, such as traveling the world, seeing different things, and gaining new experiences. Unfortunately though, the daydreaming only worked for a period of time because the boredom began to set in again. This time, the boredom was stronger than ever, so strong that I felt the need to hurry up and do something about it, even if I had to take somewhat drastic measures. Because I was feeling bored and nothing that I did seem to help, I thought of taking a different angle to make things interesting. I thought that it would be cool to do something to get a reaction out of the teacher. The thought of making her mad seemed a bit entertaining. I thought for a wile about what I could do to achieve this, and suddenly, I had what I thought to be an awesome idea. I was going to loudly whistle in class, hoping the teacher would be none the wiser about who did it. I scribbled a note and passed it around to some of my friends who were sitting near me (We passed it around under the table to avoid being noticed, and it worked because she never caught us.), and they all wrote back on that same note that it was a good idea and that it would be funny to watch. I waited for what I thought to be the perfect time, and I let out a loud whistle. To my dismay, the timing was not right because she immediately called me out on what I had done. Feeling stupid, I apologized, and the teacher went on with her lecture. Some time had passed, and another student let out a loud whistle. Without doing any sort of investigation, she turned

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The Way People Treat Animals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Way People Treat Animals - Essay Example Catharine A. Mackinnon has a very feminist view on the exploitation of animals, she compares the state of animals to the state of women, she thinks that women and animals are both exploited and have more similarities than one. She claims that animals are treated like women and women like animals, this again goes to show the sheer exploitation of both women and animals. She goes on to say that women are as badly treated as animals, she is aghast when she makes this comparison and she is right in many ways, women are still being exploited in some areas of the world and so are animals. â€Å"People dominate animals, men dominate women.† (Animal Rights, P277) The author sheds light upon how women and animals are being dominated in our society. She throws light upon the inequality that prevails in our society. The author brings out an excellent ideology; the suppression of both women and animals is because they are considered inferior, women are exploited because they are considere d biologically weaker, animals are exploited because they are considered much inferior to the human race, the exploitation is purely based on the ideology of inferior and superior, a superior being starts believing that it is his right to suppress the inferior, the same has been highlighted by the author. The author is labeled to be a feminist because she talks about the male ideology and brings out the similarities in animals and women. â€Å"Qualities considered human and higher are denied to animals as qualities considered masculine and higher are denied to women.† (Animal Rights, P278) The lesser humanity of women is conceded by men and they call women animal names like chick, bunny, bitch and so on, this again points to the inferior nature of women in the society, animals are lower than humans is also a presumption which with several human beings live with. The author also talks about the ridiculous ways in which both women and animals are exploited, rats are put in the vagina of women and it is thought that the rat would suffer much more than the women, the author tries to say that the status of women is lower than the status of animals. Misery and exploitation are common amongst women and animals, men find new ways to exploit and dominate both. The author talks about the laws that have been made to protect animals, films showing the crushing of animals have been banned by the government of the US but she says that there are no such laws in place to protect women who are also being exploited sexually by men. She concludes her argument by saying that women are better off without laws. Elizabeth Anderson has a different take on the same matter, her analysis cannot be called a feminist view, and she does not juxtapose animals with women, the author bases her argument on intrinsic value of animals. The author talks about the animal rights, she says that chimpanzees are believed to have the mental ability of a mentally retarded child, chimpanzees are b eing used for several experiments, and can mentally retarded children be used for the same experiments? The author is directly comparing animals with human beings; the point is why we are not using mentally retarded children for experiments who have the same mental makeup as a chimpanzee has? This goes to show double standards in the society, a

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Indian and Southeast Asian art Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Indian and Southeast Asian art - Research Paper Example Indian art is not to be studied from the time-based evolution perspective but rather from the region and period of its evolution perspective. (Mitter, 2001) Indian art has continuously evolved through time and is still evolving. It begun with rock painting, moving onto rock cut caves and temple architecture and then paintings and sculptures. Alongside these forms, India also showed progress in the tribal form of art as there were various cultural and social groups in India. However, it is worth mentioning that almost all art forms were inspired by the innumerous Gods and Goddesses that people believed in, who were transformed into contemporary forms and familiar images. Indian society has been very secular ever since ancient times and has encouraged different practices all along. This rich philosophy, both spiritual and rational, made its impact on Indian art and architecture. Temples and stupas were seen to incorporate symbolic languages based on important philosophical concepts. (M itter, 2001). These included the Chakra or wheel of time, Padma or lotus, the symbol of creation, Swastika representing aspects of creation and motion, Mriga or deer the symbol of erotic desire and beauty and many such symbols. After the Mughals came to India, monumental architecture was introduced by them. The change in the architecture was reflected in most prominent landmarks like the city gateways and the designs of royal tombs and mosques. However, traditional Indian tastes did continue to influence the Islamic architecture. Throughout its history, religion has played an important role in shaping the country’s culture and beliefs. The major religions practiced in India are Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam and Sikhism. Of these, Hinduism has been the foremost and most commonly... Dance forms, puppetry and shadow plays were introduced to these countries by Indians in the early 7th century.   Later though Chinese influence was observed along with Islamic influence. Indonesia, a very strong Islamic country, still retained forms of Hindu art and culture like Shadow Puppet and literature like the Ramayana. That is common for most Mainland SEA except Vietnam where Hindu gods and arts were infused into Thai, Khmer, Burmese and Lao cultures.   Many SEA languages like Maley and Javanese contain words of Sanskrit of Dravidian origin and some languages like Thai are still written in some form of Indian derived scripts. Their concepts of kingship and social hierarchy were all adapted from ancient Hindu political theories. The Thai monarchy though follows Buddhism, requires the presence of Gour Brahmans for performing certain ceremonies. The images of Vishnu, lingas, Buddha and other Hindu cults are evidence of influence of Indian culture. Almost everywhere in SEA is a Buddha image showing influence of Guptas or Amravati’s.  The cult of Devaraja or God King, a derivate from Indian terminology, of cosmological and political ideas which was evident in the temple of Angkor Thom. The concept of worshipping a god and making a place of worship was implemented first ever in this temple. With time, the interaction between India and regional evolution started producing many distinctive styles of Indianised SEA art and architecture.The other common factor between India and SEA was the worship of Lord Shiva.

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Sudan and the USA: A comparison

Sudan and the USA: A comparison Sudan and the USA All countries in the world are unique in one way or another. When most people think of Sudan â€Å"the place of my birth†, they think of the south/north war and the recent genocide claims in Darfur. What many people do not realize is that not all of the countries in Africa are diverse as Sudan. While it does not compare to the USA, THERE ARE FEW DIFFERENCES AND SIMILARITIES BETWEEN THE TWO COUNTRIES SUDAN AND THE USA from my point of view. In fact, this paper will focus on Sudan and the USA in view of their economy, education, and family. The first difference between Sudan and the USA can be traced through their economy. As an example, the USA is a stable, modern nation with a strong economy. The USA has a capitalist mixed economy, which is fueled by abundant natural resources, a well-developed infrastructure, and high productivity. One the other hand, Sudans economy is not good. The aftereffects of the 21-year civil war and very limited infrastructure, however, present obstacles to stronger growth and a broader distribution of income. Sudans primary resource is agricultural, but oil production and export have taken on greater importance since 2000. Although the country is trying to diversify its cash crops, cotton, and gum Arabic remain its major agricultural exports. Sudans foreign debt is exceeding $21 billion, more than the countrys entire annual gross domestic product. Sudans inadequate and declining infrastructure inhibits economic growth. As you can see, there are stark differences between the economies of Suda n and the USA. Another difference between Sudan and the USA is their education systems. To illustrate, in Sudan, the education system is not that good. There are many people who dont have any possibility of going to school due to limited opportunities or lack of money. Schools are clustered in the vicinity of Khartoum (capital city) and to a lesser extent in other urban areas, although the population is mainly rural. This concentration was found at all levels but was most marked for those in situations beyond the four-year primary schools. The north suffered from shortages of teachers and buildings, but education in the south is even more inadequate. On the other hand, in the USA, American public education is operated by state and local governments. Children are required in most states to attend school from the age of six or seven until they turn eighteen; states allow students to leave school at sixteen or seventeen. Small percentages of children are homeschooled. The United States has many compet itive private and public institutions of higher education, as well as local community colleges with open admission policies. Education is often regarded as the key to opportunity, including financial security. Americans take a practical approach to learning, so what one learns outside the classroom through internships, extracurricular activities is often considered as important as what is learned in the classroom. Therefore, lifelong learning is highly valued, which results in many adult and continuing education programs. Americans have many choices in school. They decide their major field of study, perhaps with or without their parents influence, and students even get to select some of their courses. USA and Sudan also share some similarities. Indeed, both gained independence from Great Britain. Sudan declared its independence on January 1, 1956, whereas, USA declared independence from Britain in 1776. Other similarity is how both countries view family and family life. In Sudan, the extended family provided social services. Traditionally, the family was responsible for the old, the sick, and the mentally ill, although many of these responsibilities had been eroded by urbanization. In many cases, however, the burden of these social services normally falls upon the women. Conversely, in the USA, people value their family and the way they live. The main purpose of the American family is to bring about the happiness of each individual family member. The traditional family values include love and respect for parents, as well as for all members of the family. Regardless of nationality, race and religion, we as people must learn to care for one another, appreciate and respect our differences. As we move on to the next century, we are closer than before. Globalization will continue to be a challenge in the new world, and most influential force in determining the future course of our planet. Reference Central Intelligence Agency The World Factbook. (NOV 28, 2009). CIA The World Factbook Publications. Retrieved Nov 28, 2009 from

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Dances With Wolves Essay -- essays research papers

The film, Dances with Wolves, staring Kevin Costner gives a historically accurate presentation of the Sioux Indians and their way of life. In this production, Lieutenant John Dunbar, played by Costner, is rewarded for his heroic actions in the Civil War by being offered an opportunity to see the American frontier before it is gone. Dunbar is assigned to an abandoned fort where his only friends are a lone wolf and his beloved horse, Cisco. After several weeks of waiting for more American troops, a Sioux Indian makes contact with Dunbar and reports this finding to his chief. This incident sets off a train of events that would forever change John Dunbar and the Sioux tribe he encounters. When Dunbar realizes that the Indians know where he lives, he becomes extremely paranoid and spends his days preparing the fort for another confrontation. He buries all the extra materials in fear that they might fall into enemy hands. On one of his daily rides around the frontier, Dunbar comes across an Indian woman crying under a tree. He sees the imminent danger from the woman’s self-inflicted wounds and determines it is his duty to return the woman to the Sioux camp. Dunbar dresses in his best uniform and shines his boots to prepare for the meeting. When the Sioux spot Dunbar they are immediately alarmed and confront him ready to kill. Kicking Bird, a Sioux holy man and the first Sioux to know of Dunbar’s existence, discourages the fight claiming that the white man is not there to fight. Wind In His Hair, a fierce warrior, tears the Sioux women from Dunbar’s grasp and the lieutenant is allowed to go freely. That following evening the Sioux council discussed w hat they would do with their new neighbor and decided that Kicking Bird and Wind In His Hair would revisit Dunbar’s fort to find out why he was there. Dunbar welcomed the Sioux to the fort but was worried of what they planned to do with him. The language barrier was met head on, as neither could understand each other. Using gestures and objects, limited communication was accomplished on the first visit. The Sioux continued to visit Dunbar and each day progress was made. Dunbar taught the Indians some of the white culture and Kicking Bird was anxious to discover why he was in their territory and how many more white men would come. Both sides were forced to overcome the language barrier and their mutual fear and distrus... ...w village, he took the trip back to the fort, promising to catch up with them later. Upon his arrival at the fort, a new fleet of soldiers had settled in. They quickly spotted Dances With Wolves and attacked him. The soldiers killed his horse and arrested him. Dances With Wolves would not cooperate with the American soldiers but would only speak to them in Sioux. Due to his lack of assistance, the soldiers were forced to transport their prisoner back to Fort Mays to be hung. Before the Americans could make it to Mays, the Sioux attacked them and saved Dances With Wolves. Dances had proven his loyalty to the Sioux and abandoned all his white ways. The transformation became complete. Lieutenant John Dunbar went through several drastic changes to become Dances With Wolves. In his short time with the Indians, he turned enemies into friends and foreign customs into his own. His view of the Sioux changes more severe than he does. No longer does he view them as savages without order, but now he sees them as a civilized group with more heart than anyone he has met before. His experiences with the Sioux help to open his eyes and change him into a man he never was and never thought he’d be.

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Main Themes in a Farewell to Arms Essay

Written in 1929 by Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms has always been considered a classic piece of literature. A major source of the novel’s success is how its themes tied into real life experiences during the First World War. While soldiers of the war fought for their country, they searched for love to escape total chaos and destruction. The two main themes in A Farewell to Arms are the gruesome reality of war and the relationship between love and pain. The first main theme of A Farewell to Arms is the devastation that war brings. Just as the title explains, A Farewell to Arms deals primarily with the process by which the protagonist, Frederic Henry, disconnects himself from the war and leaves it behind. While there are a few characters in the novel who actually support the effort, such as Ettore Moretti, a majority of the characters remain uncertain about the war, angry of the complete devastation it causes, and unconvinced of the splendor it supposedly brings. For example, while Henry and Passini discuss the war, Henry says, â€Å"I believe we should get the war over†¦ It would not finish if one side stopped fighting. It would only be worse if we stopped fighting† (Chapter 9, Page 49). The second main theme of the novel is the connection between love and pain. While the war takes place, Hemingway depicts the true, mysterious behavior of love. Although Catherine mourns for her dead fiance, she quickly begins to seduce Henry. Her intentions for courting Henry are obvious, that is she wants to separate herself from the pain of losing her fiance by finding a new love to fill the void. Likewise, Henry attempts to distance himself from the war as much as possible. By doing so, Henry and Catherine find comfort within each other from the dilemmas that surround them. Just like they fell in love with each other, Henry’s feelings for Catherine pass just as quickly as he witnesses her death. As he gives farewell to Catherine’s body, Henry says, â€Å"But after I got them to leave and shut the door and turned off the light it wasn’t any good. It was like saying good-by to a statue. After a while I went out and left the hospital and walked back to  the hotel in the rain† (Chapter 41, Page 332). Although Henry and Catherine genuinely loved each other, Henry’s heart is now void without the companionship of Catherine. The tragedy of A Farewell to Arms is that their love, although authentic, can never be more than temporary. In my opinion, I enjoyed this novel for a few reasons. First, A Farewell to Arms is a semi-autobiography about Hemingway and his time fighting in the Italian campaigns during World War I. Secondly, the novel is able to give perspective of the troubles and triumphs of those soldiers that fought during the war. Finally, the mysterious love that Henry and Catherine have for each other proved to be interesting and unusual. In conclusion, A Farewell to Arms proved to be a masterpiece in my opinion. While addressing the struggles and feats of those soldiers who fought during World War I, we are able to dive into the conscious of a unique fighter who parts himself from the war as much as possible while trying to find true love, even though the reasoning behind finding love was only to help escape from the war.

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Pros and Cons of Using Microsoft Word

PROS and Cons of Using Microsoft Word PROS and Cons of Using Microsoft Word Jordan Morris Lavetta Noel Word Processing November, 21 2012 Pros and Cons of Using Microsoft Word Word processing is one of the most widely used elements within the information technology family. Today instead of learning to type, which was what people did a few years ago, students are taught word processing and keyboarding. More mature users who have been in the workforce for some years have had to learn word processing as they go.In today’s society, whether in private life or professional, it is safe to say that people of all ages have encountered a word processing program at one time or another. Without a doubt word processing software has greatly improved efficiency in the office, allowed for users to more easily keep copies of documents that they prepare and has forced most of us to become just a little more tech savvy than we would have been using just a typewriter. Among the word processing tit les available in the market today, Microsoft Word is the number one choice.With its user friendly design and wide range of features, Microsoft Word is an essential tool for most computer users. Another benefit that Microsoft Word enjoys is its long life in the market place. Word has been the choice for many businesses for well over a decade, virtually ensuring that most people who use a word processing software package in their workplace have used Word, and are familiar with it at some level. As with all products there are benefits that are easy to enjoy, and there are also some elements which challenge most users.In most cases the significant challenges in using Microsoft Word are found in the features which are not regularly used. It is the lack of familiarity due to limited practice which creates these challenges. This paper will now review some of these challenges, along with some of the benefits. For the basic user, Microsoft Word is unquestionably a powerful word processing pa ckage. The basic formatting options are just a click away, the names and functions of these options are intuitive and easy to understand. Quick corrections, or even moving blocks of text around the document is extremely easy.Spelling and grammatical mistakes are pointed out immediately, bullets and numbers can be done automatically, aligning text takes just one click, images and figures can be attached and laid out easily, copying documents is fast and easy, there is a thesaurus feature when needed, there are templates for just about everything, and there is always the option to ask for help via the program. Listed here are only a very small portion of all the great features Microsoft Word has to offer. While Microsoft is indeed a very solid package, it is not without its challenges.More advanced formatting options can be difficult to find and use. Many times users will see documents and presentations and want to model their own output after these things, only to become very frustra ted at their own computer looking through countless menus and doing searches in the help directory. People can also become careless in terms of spelling and grammar, as they know if they make an error, Microsoft Word will come to the rescue. Unfortunately, these composition aids are not absolutely foolproof, and do let some word use and application errors go right on through to the final document without a moment’s protest.Other challenges include such things as when a format has been implemented and as a user one is unable to remove it. These formatting issues can extend all the way down to the appearance of a bullet pointed or numbered list in terms of the formatting rejecting user input in favor of an existing format. These types of challenges can be very frustrating when one has a very specific idea of the desired appearance of a document but a path just cannot be found within Word to make the correction.The temptation of plagiarism also exists due to the ease of using th e copy and paste feature from virtually any one source to another. These are just a few things about Microsoft Word. The list of the pros and cons of Microsoft Word could easily be expanded depending on the experiences of the individual. Unfortunately in order to have the level of functionality within Microsoft Word, it is impossible to avoid getting caught in formats and settings that can cause more frustrations than anything.What is important is for one to distinguish what works and what does not in relation to one’s needs and purposes while using the program. One path to improving the overall situation is a Microsoft word class, workshop, or seminar where one can learn about some of the advanced functions and better manage them. Bibliography Macinta, Timothy W. What's so Bad About Microsoft? 2012. 21 November 2012 ;http://www. kmfms. com/whatsbad. html;. Pilola, Melanie. What is Microsoft Word? February 2006. 21 November 2012 ;http://www. acpl. lib. in. us/ssh/Basic%20Word . pdf;.